Through the Independent Filmmaker Project (IFP), our film has qualified for fiscal sponsorship, allowing us to raise additional funds, which are tax-deductible for the donor, to support us in our efforts to take The Black Mambas movie and its message to the world. 

With this support, we will be able to continue submitting the film to festivals and markets, promote and elevate the film through our audience outreach campaign, and through screenings and appearances, be able to share the message of this film and the incredible work of these women, with audiences throughout the world. 


Projects fiscally sponsored by Independent Filmmaker Project will provide private donors charitable deductions for income tax purposes and for filmmakers access to foundation & government funding. Many individuals, foundations, corporations, and government organizations restrict funding of independent projects to tax exempt organizations.

IFP’s Fiscal Sponsorship program is a legal and financial mechanism by which IFP, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, serves as a conduit for financial resources, and also provides some support and oversight for these independently produced film projects.


Projects that are Fiscally Sponsored by IFP are able to give donors the incentive of a charitable deduction for income tax purposes, a service individual filmmakers could not otherwise offer. It also enables filmmakers access to additional foundation and government grant funding that may only be accessible to non-profit organizations or fiscally sponsored projects. IFP’s Fiscal Sponsorship program also offers filmmakers financial, administrative, as well as mentorship services, and the reliability of working with an established filmmaker support organization.